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    Huihai Group Data Center is Established: Big Data, Information Technology, a New Starting Point
    时间:2018/6/17 15:01:21

    On June 16, 2017, new members, two hyper-converged servers, were added in the computer room of the Group’s data center.

    Two years ago, to follow the development trend of big data and information technology, Huihai Group set about building its own data center. Prior to this, apart from using Aliyun's cloud computing services, the subsidiaries purchased their own servers and saved their own data respectively, which did not allow for the aggregation and analysis of data. As a result, it was difficult to meet the needs of the Group's development and control.

    In July 2016, according to the requirements of the launch of the SAP ERP system, the Group purchased computers, firewalls and networking-critical devices of IBM minicomputers and other major brands both at home and abroad such as Dell and Lenovo. Meanwhile, the Group cooperated with professional companies with many years of experience in communication system and data center construction to build its own data center computer room. The computer room applied new technologies such as BGP protocol and CDN acceleration to perfectly realize the whole network interoperability and have the functions of Internet exportation, which can form a global VPN network.

    The data center will be responsible for the aggregation and intelligent analysis of critical business data and business forecasting services. With the SAP HANA in-memory database as the core, the data center will integrate distributed data storage and establish Huihai Group's big data analysis foundation.

    In addition to the existing SAP ERP system, the Group will also launch sales omni-channel informationization application system and manufacturing execution system, bringing closer links with end users, distributors and technology research and development and manufacturing of the Group so that internal and external information communication, and commodity trading will be more timely and smoother, and various centers and subsidiaries will provide better services for customers.

    Huihai Group has become the one of the second batch of pilot units for the integration of two industries in Guangdong Province. In the future, the Group will continue to increase its investment in industrialization and informationization, smart factories, smart manufacturing and intelligent breeding farms, and give full play to the role of data center in data fusion, data analysis and business forecasting to provide support for the long-term development of the Group and provide convenient services for the users, helping farmers to reduce farming costs!

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